From Space to Place: Early Development in Site-Specific Art and a Breakfast with Muffins

In between all the busy schedule I am currently facing, I want to share with you a few short thoughts on a very interesting lecture I have attended yesterday. I hope to make this habit more constant andRead more

Happy Easter from Atlanta and a Delicious Brioche

Lately, I've been restless. Little have been the moments when I could take the time and meditate over what the past months of my life have been. Life never seems stable. It demands always more and moreRead more

America, Seen Through Photographs, Darkly, Diane Arbus and a Gluten-Free Cake

Part of my SCAD class agenda was also this photography history course entitled suggestively Critical and Theoretical Approaches to Photography since 1945: Issues in Contemporary Art. Here, I had the opportunityRead more