Vietnamese Beef Pho Soup and Force of Will

Second quarter at SCAD has started almost 4 weeks ago and I am back in the game with three demanding classes to finish this winter. The rhythm is challenging, projects are due each week, with a lot ofRead more

Winter-y Spicy Roasted Tomato Soup and a Give-Away

In few hours I will be heading to Paris for a short and so-wanted vacation. I have a lot of plans for what to do there and I will be back packed with photos and good stories. I will leave you with a goodRead more

Red Bean, Chorizo and Red Kuri Squash Autumn Soup

My dear friends,

I haven't forgot about you. But I took a little while to breath out after the wonderful job we all did for What Liberty Ate magazine, issue #3. And in between life, worries about whatRead more