Art is a Form of Nourishment

I love experimenting with both photography and food. Each time I am in the kitchen, I am looking for new ways to enhance and bring out those unique qualities of foodflavor and aestheticthat make both our eyes and taste buds happy. Going down the creative route has its advantages because each artist needs that small amount of confusion and desire to find the next creative sparkle one needs.

It fascinates me how my inner thoughts and creative obsessions get reflected into attainable projects. Food, as we know it, may not be always the primary subject of my explorations, but there is always reflected in my work a positive weakness toward appreciating nature and our relationship to it. And poetry has always been part of our lives, being the noble-mindedness of the past and future, by opening heart's doors to honesty and mind's visual interpretation to creativity.

Please step inside a poem with me today, through the newest short creative film I created for the poetry book of Medeea Iancu, Cîntarea care a biruit toate cîntările (The Canticle Who Has Smitten All Canticles) published by Editura Paralela 45. Retain on your own shelves a copy by ordering yours, and enjoy the flavor palette of this quinoa saladmushrooms, peas and chia seeds complement perfectly the seasons changing. This hearty gluten-free recipe is lighter, quicker and more nutritious alternative to the old boring "veggies" salad.


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I am mastering my love for you and turning it inwards as a constituent element of myself. - Sartre

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