Week-End Favourites : Baked Sweetcorn, Packaged Pork Shoulder and Green Spinach

This could be the first time, when we've had such big piece of meat for lunch. We don't likely eat pork to often, but this big piece of pork shoulder was exquisite. The pork meat has fat (too much) soRead more

Nam, Nam, Indian Food

What you'll say about some indian food for a lazy Sunday? Yes please, I want. Let me then, delight your taste bud with some spicy food.

Let's start with the crispy papadooms. If you don't know yet,Read more

Albondigas with Red Hot Sauce

The love for the Spanish food, strikes back : tapas again on the table. Very similar with romanian meatballs, but but a very hot sauce aside. Enjoy albondigas!