Good Morning, America and an Irish Soda Bread Recipe

Good morning, America!

Sun is up and we are ready to start a new day! For me school has started here in Atlanta and I already got my hands dirty for my first Sculpture class. I am so excited to keep myRead more

Happy Easter from Atlanta and a Delicious Brioche

Lately, I've been restless. Little have been the moments when I could take the time and meditate over what the past months of my life have been. Life never seems stable. It demands always more and moreRead more

Irish Wholemeal, Millet and Buckwheat Soda Bread and Thoughts about Friendship

Friendship: The silent places where speech ends. - Nina Katchadourian
A true friendship is a complicated relation and combination of all kinds of feelings, ranging from love, attachment, gentleness, honestyRead more