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For you who no longer posses it, freedom is everything, for us who do, it is merely an illusion. – Cioran

Eternal dreamer, outstanding critic, heart-full passionate about food, photography and honest life, Gabriela is a visual artist and a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design where she received in 2015 her M.F.A. in Photography (Magna Cum Laude). Using intricate storytelling to evoke tasteful food, emotional stories and audacious dreams, Gabriela is taking the most of her passion for photography.

Gabriela Iancu

What Liberty Ate {raspberries and chocolate} blog appeared in 2010, gathering over the years Gabriela’s decisive process of self learning photography, keeping memories, good recipes and dreams, in a dearest journal. What Liberty Ate {raspberries and chocolate} become a collection of feminine photography and good food, prepared to honor the romantic and home lifestyle, emphasizing the philosophic concept of freedom by the stories and artwork created.

Gabriela is exploring beauty, food and lifestyle through an atemporal and personal visual approach. Gabriela’s expressively aesthetic and intimate photographic storytelling work appeared in PDN Emerging, Chickpea Magazine, PhotoVogue, Camille Styles, Design*Sponge, Decor8, Millésime, Decât o Revistă, Omnivor, International Photography Award (IPA). She launched in 2011, What Liberty Ate magazine, a bi-annual independent publication which resonates to the curious, educated reader, interested in honest and creative food made at home, personal stories, essays, photographic projects, interviews, focusing on pastoral, simple, yet elegant living.