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Before embarking on my trip to the US in just a few days, I wanted to share with you all here, some of my newest photographic work. Last year, I was approached to style and create food photographs inspired by different Czech meals for Maggi, the brand of seasonings of Nestlé, for their new products’ packaging that has recently been released in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In Czech cuisine, many kind of sauces are popular and must accompany a main dish, usually comprised of meats. Thus, these tomato, dill or creamy sauces, but also pasta, soups and much more, became the subject matter of my Nestlé project. I was so pleased to work on this assignment and to get to know more about some of the most popular Czech meals. Now you can find these new products in stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I must say that is always a surprise to discover my photographs in stores, whenever I spot these products.

These dishes are the most popular here in the Czech Republic, where the gravy sauce is a must. Similarly to the famous Czech goulash dish, these sauces accompany different meats, and are served with knedliky, a sort of bread dumpling. I have prepared these delicious bread dumplings myself a few times at home, even though you can find them at any store in the Czech Republic.

The pasta recipes are also adapted to the region here, and have been my favorite part of shooting these meals. Capturing the home spirit in these meals was my goal in mind, where these food portraits look accessible and appetizing to ease any hunger. Now, when stumbling upon these products in stores, you’ll know who was the photographer behind the select packaging.

Project Credits
Food Photography: Gabriela Iancu
Food and Prop Styling: Gabriela Iancu
Art Director: Petr Fajkos
Creative Director: Marek Sabo
Agency: Grep Design

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  • ioana says:

    They all looks so delicious! I remember reading on social media you were preparing something for Maggie, I was so curios to know what it was! I’m happy you had this great project and I look forward to seeing your work someday world wide 🙂 <3

    • Gabriela says:

      Thank you so much, dear Ioana! Yes, I did the project while ago, but it just got released, and I’m so happy for the way it turned out! Not to mention how cool it is to see my photos in stores! I cannot wait too, to have more of my work displayed world wide! Soon, very soon! <3

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