Merry Christmas and The SCAD Alumni Atelier Award

The Christmas celebration is just upon us with its beautiful forever green tree, glittery and delicate ornaments, gifts, baked goods, carols and stories. This time feels so much filled with love, nostalgia for a year that is about to end, and desire to remember, celebrate and cherish the best in us.

It it at this time that I share with you a recent professional achievement that awaits to begin for me in 2017. As I have always contemplated the idea of artistic imagination and innovation, I spent 2016 working on an intricate project proposal for SCAD, a project that I was long dreaming about to bring to life. Thus, I am extremely honored to announce that I have been selected as the Winter 2017 recipient of the SCAD Alumni Atelier Ambassadorship, an artist residency conceived and endowed by SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace.

The SCAD Alumni Atelier is a commissioned artist in residence ambassadorship, and as an Atelier Ambassador I will create an innovative site-specific photographic project in Savannah, GA. My project explores photography’s static character using technology to reveal a multisensory experience that will challenge and amplify the way we see, hear, and remember images. The project uniquely combines still-life photography with motion and sound design, revealing new ways of experiencing time and space.

I will soon share more about this upcoming project, and the creative process behind it, but for now, I cannot tell you in words, how thankful I am for this opportunity that will give me the time, means, and mentorship I need to focus and create a new body of work in the unique artistic and educational environment of SCAD. Merry Christmas, love and cherish this wonderful time of celebrating the family, friends and loved ones coming together!