The Best Lunar Spectacle in Decades – the Supermoon

As supermoon rose over my house in the Czech Republic last night, I was completely mesmerized by its pronounced appearance and glow. I couldn’t just look up and not record such an important historic moment; this is the biggest moon seen since 1948, according to scientists. I never seen before a brighter moon than the one I witness last night, considering that our entire back yard was flooded with a beautiful white moon cast. Trees’ shadows were extremely dramatic, like in a Grimms’ Fairy Tale.

Because this sky event is such a rarity, I had to capture its appearance in a living still. The spooky colors of the clouds on the sky made everything even better looking. Superbright and hypnotic, this lunar sight will be a beautiful record for posterity. Be sure not to miss it tonight, and if you are not lucky to having clear skies tonight, enjoy my living still of the supermoon !