Chocolate-Pumpkin Layer Cake

Hello October! I finally get to come back here and share my thoughts, photographs and recipes with you. I had a wonderful summer with lots of challenging projects, so I have so many stories to share with you. First of, let’s talk about this season. Fall is so enchanting with its crisp air, changing colors, nostalgia for the past, and flavorful produce! For me, pumpkin and walnuts equate to the indescribable beauty of fall, when the best produce is carefully harvest to comfort the cold winter that’s coming ahead.

I feel particularly inspired by fall because I feel that it gives you the time to take stock of your surroundings much more than any other season. This particular beauty that I believe fall holds as its essence can be tasted and observed in this decadent chocolate-pumpkin cake recipe and in these photographs that brim with that elegance that fall brings along with it.

This is the right cake you need this fall, because it has the perfect ratio of spices: cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice. The cake is soft and the pumpkin flavor marries so well with the spices. The chocolate is just the right amount so that is doesn’t overwhelm the flavors. It’s really so extraordinary that with ingredients so simple such amazing flavors can be achieved. And if there is something timeless and romantic about fall, this cake must be!

pumpkin-chocolate-cake-gabriela-iancu-1 pumpkin-chocolate-cake-gabriela-iancu-2 pumpkin-chocolate-cake-gabriela-iancu-3 pumpkin-chocolate-cake-gabriela-iancu-4 pumpkin-chocolate-cake-gabriela-iancu-5 pumpkin-chocolate-cake-gabriela-iancu-6