A Romantic Getaway in the Far-Off Land of Transylvania

There is something so romantic about fall spent in nature, the leaves changing color, the rain and cold air, the harvestmoments that one can peacefully and quietly enjoy. A memory of such beautiful and romantic encounter is our last year’s getaway to Transylvania. There are so many reasons why one should visit Romania, but mostly it is because of its tradition, breathtaking landscape, and places like Cincșor, an authentic Saxon village in the heart of Transylvania.

The village gives you a warm welcoming through the Cincșor Guesthouses that are awaiting to accommodate you. We spent our weekend in a Cincșor guesthouse that was formerly a Saxon school, built in 1910 in the Art Nouveau style and restored in 2014. Walking into this beautiful architecture with walls full of books, fireplaces and traditional, yet elegant Romanian decor, was absolutely enchanting. There are not many guesthouses to have so much character, great design, rich history and beauty!

We felt like going back in time stepping into the house. Dining was exquisite, and the modern, yet rustic and traditional design of the entire house was, once again, unforgettable in our memories. Relaxing in the library or in our bedroom quietly listening to the rain, or waking up in the morning with the Fortified Church’s bell ringing, was indeed so lovely and romantic.

A dramatic rocky ruin and the surviving structure of the Lutheran Evangelical church you must visit is the Cârţa Monastery, set in a beautiful lush garden, not very far from Cincșor. The peacefulness of the place draws you to explore every corner of the ruin built in Gothic style; everything around is so calm and beautiful. This getaway has been truly an amazing experience, something like a celebration of love and enchantment by the nature. Check out the film of this beautiful getaway as I documented it throughout our weekend.




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