New Beginnings with Florilegium

After four years and seven issues, What Liberty Ate magazine naturally progresses into Florilegium, a publication which crystallizes a greater sense of visual communication. A new design, a new format, and a new name to encapsulate the essence of what the What Liberty Ate has meant and become over the years. Nothing stays unchanged, we grow up and become something more than we’ve been before. Florilegium shares affinities with What Liberty Ate, following a road-map that is reflecting a fully grown perspective over the media arts scene.

Today, Florilegium explores contemporary media in order to cultivate the role of art in everyday life. The magazine curates cross-disciplinary mix of artistic and cultural expressions, from conversations about food to creative essay reflections from emerging artistic voices in the field of visual arts. First volume of Florilegium is today out, and it takes full advantage of paper’s beauty, being available only in print, pairing the provocative imagery with a distinct design for well-read individuals. Operating from Czech Republic, Florilegium encapsulates an unique design, highly focused on asymmetrical layouts, combining typography and photography to effectively communicate a visual sense of contemporary identity.

I did a number of internships, each place very different from the next, that gave me the opportunity to experience new things. After finishing my MFA in Photography at SCAD, photographing, designing and writing seven issues on What Liberty Ate magazine, I am moving on with Florilegium, a new ambitious project. Bringing What Liberty Ate to United States has been one of my biggest projects to date. This ambitious project pushed me to make the entrepreneur leap today, and dedicate myself to an evolved editorial idea that has steamed from What Liberty Ate. Thus, Florilegium is taking editorial and book design in a challenging aesthetic direction with its 100-page debut volume devoted to showcase the most inspiring and innovative creative projects in the visual arts. As a visual artist, I am devoted to explore a wide range of experimentation both in photography and design that heavily reflects and takes in account the social and cultural shifts, and argues for a new meaning. Florilegium’s first volume focuses on our love of life by curating artistic reflections of the natural and man-made worlds through form and shape. This volume aims to inspire a deeper environmental awareness and serves as a reminder of the issues we face as humankind.

I am very grateful to my editorial team in the United States for joining my project and making Florilegium‘s first volume possible: Nicole Dabbs and Katelyn Betts; thank you so much for consolidating this challenging project. It has been a wonderful experience curating artist’s work from so many different backgrounds and experiences, works that showcase an increasing concern with contemporary issues and artistic expression: Aitch (RO), Hastings Huggins (USA), Kaitlin Botts (USA), Larisa David (RO), Loreta Nicolcea (RO), Oana Piscureanu (RO), Silvana Catalinescu (RO), Sinziana Velicescu (USA).

You can read all about this and experiment the beauty of Florilegiumits design and storiesby ordering a signed copy here. Please follow along and help me spread the word.

Florilegium Volume One Cover Shoot Overhead