Fall in Prague, a Pizza Recipe and Webstock Awards 2015 and IPA 2015

Everything about fall is wonderful: the yellow ochre foliage, the air that starts to crisp, the wind and calm of all changing nature around. I couldn’t be happier to enjoy all this beauty fall is offering to us, where else than in Prague. Roaming around Prague’ streets couldn’t be more romantic than in fall. The way this city embraces its fairy-tale look with the magic of the season can melt anyone’s heart. I love how calm fall seems to be, with its short days that leave one alone in their thoughts to daydream, to recharge as the seasons change.

Fall came not only with its charismatic looks, but also with some nice accolades for my work. Thus, I was happy to find out that my blog has been awarded for best use of photography at Webstock Awards 2015 with a second prize, and at the International Photography Awards 2015 I was awarded two honorable mentions in fine art – still-life and abstract category, for my thesis project “Life from Light”. From 17832 of submissions, I couldn’t be happier to find my project this year as well among the selections of the jury.

And as the seasons change, I started working on new projects for the upcoming year, projects that have been on hold for a while due to my other priorities at SCAD. I needed time to get caught on these ideas and start execute them, reason why this blog has been updated sporadically. However, just because I am working on a different range of photographic projects doesn’t mean that I will not come back here to write and share my stories with you. In fact, as many of you might have noticed, this place is growing up alongside me, is changing, incorporating more of my current interests and experimentation in the field of arts. And I really needed it to reflect my current artistic persona, and the way this is progressing and getting better. For instance, you will see more and more of my videography projects and equally food, but it is not that type of blog that focuses only on what’s happening in the kitchen. From its beginnings this blog has been setting new trends giving voice to my artistic ideas and sharing them with the world.

Food represents the subject matter that has government my artistic practice in the past years, and it is still informing it in a big way, however, there are so many other things that spark my interest and need my attention to make them happen. They say that an artist needs to be curious enough to continuously find new ways to express creativity, and I am so ready to experiment and create new perspectives on what I think it resonates best to me. But until I can effectively share more of that with you, I can visually lead you into my fall journey this year, with this autumnal pizza that has the best of harvest in it: walnuts, beetroots, zucchini to keep boosting your energy even on cold weather.