Creative Collaboration with Up by Forbes

One of the dream assignments that came my way this year, and for which I am beyond grateful that it happened, is my latest collaboration with Forbes Romania. For the fall issue of Up by Forbes, a quarterly luxury publication published by Forbes Romania, I have designed the concept and layout design of an 18-page long editorial about my artistic journey and shared my photographic portfolio.

Earlier this summer, when Andrei Michailov, Art Director of Forbes Romania and Up by Forbes introduced me to the idea of creating a spread inspired by What Liberty Ate magazine and my photographs, I instantly clicked with the challenge. The entire design of Up by Forbes is exquisite, publishing exclusive interviews, portfolios and creative features into a coffee-table magazine format. I was so enthusiastic to take upon this creative challenge and create an unique spread to represent my design style and complement my photographs, but also symbolize my artistic journey.

This is something that I was aspiring to work on for a long time. The layout that I created marries the sophisticated level of my photography with geometry, featuring an interactive design, that asks for a closer look and presence. While working on the design, my artistic motivation was to bring forward the combination of things that inspired my artistic practice, and that level of emotion and anticipation one has before discovering something new. Being in a constant change, living between three countries and two continents in the past two years got me into the practice of taking more time offline with my creative work. This collaboration gave me the chance of featuring ideas that represent me as a visual artist and touch upon that very large spectrum of what my journey taught me along the way. I am truly thankful to Andrei Michailov and Diana-Florina Cosmin for sharing my story, and giving me the chance to showcase my work in Up by Forbes. I am thankful to all of my professors at SCAD for leading me toward my artistic voice and allowing me to reach and go beyond my own expectations, in such a beautiful way. Thank you all, have a happy Thanksgiving!

Gabriela Iancu Up by Forbes Final w Outlines Gabriela Iancu Up by Forbes Final w Outlines2 Gabriela Iancu Up by Forbes Final w Outlines3 Gabriela Iancu Up by Forbes Final w Outlines6 Gabriela Iancu Up by Forbes Final w Outlines7 Gabriela Iancu Up by Forbes Final w Outlines8 Gabriela Iancu Up by Forbes Final w Outlines9