Summer is a State of Mind – Hilton Head Island Portraits

Sailing away from home isn’t easy. There are a few things on which I worked this summer, that I couldn’t just look past and wanted to share them here with you. As I left the vast urban landscape of Atlanta, I dived into exploring the beautiful and exotic Hilton Head Island. While there, I was working on a number of projects including portraiture, editorial and book design, island-oriented photography and videography. I wanted to maximize as much as possible my time spent on the island, by capturing the experience every step of the way.

In August, I took you behind the scenes on the look of the Hilton Head Island’s landscape. I couldn’t just make you long for a summer vacation, I wanted to spark your attention with a summer escape. Hilton Head has so much to offer, and my first video harmoniously led to a new one. Summer is a state of mind, everyday, for all I care. Today, you get a new look at how you can visually maximize that summer vibe this fall, with charismatic portraits and a cinematic study of island’s everyday, in a new, timeless light. Be sure not to miss the play button above!

Linda-2 Linda-3 Linda-4 Linda-5 Linda-6

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