Contemplating Hilton Head Island

“People wish to be settled; only as far as they are unsettled is there any hope for them.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I began this summer by exploring coastal South Carolina’s natural wonders, having a deep desire to capture artistically the energy and wonderfulness of what this new place was for me. To head to the great beaches of Hilton Head Island, catch a sunrise over the Atlantic, and get up close with nature, was like a summer escape to me. I enjoyed the tropical humid breeze of the Atlantic, the melting sun and the shade and unique vegetation that inhabits here.

I feel far away from the presence of things I knew, however I am discovering so much character and life in these new territories. And as I am continuing my quest for finding the meaning of what is the expression of contentment, I find myself still madly in love with everything that is alive around and inside us. The beautiful, unusual, expected and unexpected natural world offers us the joy of living and settles our restlessness.

Here, I took a step back and looked at how nature can seduce our senses and makes us long for closeness with it. On the island, nature is redefining our senses of seeing, hearing and feeling. It is a different reality, that triggers new mechanisms of joy for life and creates better understandings of the world, and implicitly us. It gives the opportunity for more celebration and gratitude to life, and a change of mind, where you don’t know necessarily what’s going to be next, because anything worthwhile will take a long time.



Palm-tree-and-the-sky Palm-tree-leaf