Storytelling Photography and a Peach Cobbler with Pecans Recipe

I wanted so badly to have the time to come back here and write, examine, meditate and write again, as before. Especially after all the major new experiences that I was exposed to in the past year, I felt that I needed the time to look back, appreciate it all, and recalibrate my inner balance. So here we are at this milestone after graduation, still thinking seriously about photography and what it means to me and to the world; how it has shaped my thinking and allowed me to be taken to another place and time.

The act of photographing is a time for conversation with myself. Photography has enabled me to meditate on life and has turned out to be a formative experience of discovering how to bring forward those special forms and signs of life that we forget about. The act of photographing is clarifying my thoughts and it’s urging me to capture an essence that I feel is getting lost with time. It is through what I photograph that I am talking to myself and eventually create an archive of thoughts and ideas; ideas that define my own universe.

Photography is for me like a visual discourse where my inner conversations come to life. It feels like liberation because of all this arduous desire to create and take joy from this artistic act. And I feel an extreme sense of joyousness by allowing my thoughts and perceptions to have an existence of their own.

I love the sense of history through which the distant time has shaped our lives in so many ways. And I feel that photography has enabled me to bring to life these nuances of time that altogether constitute our way of remembering and existing through time. I am grateful for photographically capturing these moments that become through their own existence already history. Like a peach cobbler on a sunny day in Atlanta, now that I am writing from the beautiful island of Hilton Head, seems more than a passage of time, it represents a state of mind.

Peach-Cobbler-Gabriela-Iancu Peach-Cobbler-Gabriela-Iancu-2 Peach-Cobbler-Gabriela-Iancu-4Peach-Cobbler-Gabriela-Iancu-3  Peach-Cobbler-Gabriela-Iancu-5