SCAD Recap and Atlanta Magazine Internship

My SCAD grad duties haven’t really allowed me to keep up with the writing on the blog. But, now I’m back with a very exciting recap of everything that has been going on in the past months. I have graduated with honors, presented my thesis paper and exhibition, but until I speak about all that, let’s rewind to what happened before all this.

What has excited me the most about SCAD’s MFA program was the opportunity to experience two quarters in a real-life experience kind of situation before graduating. Being interested in sharing my skills and gaining new ones, I started off 2015 with a teaching internship and a peer tutor position at SCAD. I wanted to be exposed to the teaching environment from the professor’s perspective. Being exposed to different educational systems and cultures throughout my entire education, made me approach this teaching internship with a creative mindset. At the same time, through the peer tutor position I offered personalized attention to students in one-to-one sessions to help them work out an assignment, a new technique in Adobe Suite, or go around a creative block. It was challenging to juggle with being the student and the tutor, but I fully appreciate this dual perspective that not many students get to see. During this experience, it was critical that the students receive from me a constructive feedback and develop their communication skills, whether in form of expressing a creative project or speaking about it. I wanted students to develop a realistic self-confidence about their work and be able to see and understand diverse points of view and techniques.

Like in a roller coaster, a new experience was waiting out for me in my next internship with Atlanta Magazine. Here, I had the opportunity to see and understand what are the mechanisms of producing a monthly publication. This internship has consolidated my awareness of the editorial world and has gave me a more clear perspective on the deadlines and tasks that go into producing and publishing a magazine.

Having What Liberty Ate Magazine, it was very helpful to see Atlanta Magazine’s process of getting in touch with agencies or PR representatives to acquire art to be published in its issues, collaborating with artists, photographers, editors and writers. Assisting on the major photo-shoots that the magazine had scheduled for its future issues, also made me aware of the work that goes into scheduling, coordinating and researching the best photographer to shoot a conventional or more abstract editorial story. It has been very motivating to meet and see how Atlanta photographers work on assignments.

Moreover, I gained a great insight into the workflow of the Photography Department by getting involved with the editing of the photos that were published in the magazine, requesting art to be published in the magazine, shooting products for the The Love List section of the magazine issues, documenting Thrift with Tyler, a design event for Atlanta Magazine’s Home publication, and cooking and shooting a summer recipe for the website’s food section.

This internship has been a very positive experience, since both the Director of Photography and the Senior Art Director have assigned to me relevant tasks and opportunities for performing well. I was truly excited to be part of this fast paced environment and get a chance to apply my passion and skills to an industry magazine.

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