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Here, in Atlanta, summer is quickly approaching with its bright, long days, and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits are available now to enjoy. Katie Quinn Davies’ second cookbook, What Katie Ate on the weekend (US version), couldn’t come at a better time, fully packed with refreshing and decadent recipes. As expected, her second cookbook is a natural progression from the first one, equally in terms of design, and tempting, easy to make, recipes. This time, oriented to weekend eating, Katie integrates more stories along side the multitude of lifestyle photos and recipes. Thus, the book becomes a natural extension of her blog. I really enjoyed the breaks in between recipes with the long full spreads of extremely tempting foods, making me as a reader, to delve more into an experience, rather than just reading a cookbook.

It was hard for me to decide what will be the first recipe to test, but this quinoa salad seemed to have them all. It’s a great, flavorful and quick recipe to make and re-make. It’s sweet, spicy, sour, fresh and textured! This is most definitively a great option to prepare on a weekend and serve at a picnic or as casual dinner starter or side dish. I really loved the punch of cinnamon and lemon that infused the salad with an unexpected fruity flavor. Katie’s second cookbook is truly impressive and tempts to relaxing gatherings where to simply enjoy great food!



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  • Thalia @ butter and brioche says:

    This salad looks SO healthy and delicious. I have the Katie’s first cookbook and have been thinking about getting the second – so it’s good to hear such a positive review about it!

    • Gabriela says:

      Hi Thalia! There are a lot of good recipes to make and taste from Katie’s new cookbook and I really loved how easy and fresh this salad was! It’s definitively worth of trying!

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