A Southern Spring

Spring began for me with a lot of new projects out here in Atlanta. I’ve started my internship with Atlanta Magazine and I’ve been very excited to assist in so many great photo-shoots. I am learning so much from all these diverse experiences and I’ve been so thrilled to meet Whitney Ott and Ben Rollins, two amazing Atlanta-based photographers.

Recently, I’ve been working on branding options for my portfolios for Out to Launch that I will show you soon, delved seriously into darkroom and played with cliche-verres, cyanotypes, pinhole paper negative and my secret view camera.

Penguin Random House has sent me the new What Katie Ate cookbook, and I am so excited to start cooking from from it. The cookbook will be released next week here in the US. I will be sharing with you all a great recipe from Katie’s book next week, so don’t miss the insight.

Even though this spring will be tremendously busy for me, as my thesis exhibition and the graduation commencement ceremony is approaching fast, I really want to give you all some insight into how beautiful days have been here in the southern lands. Play the video and enjoy the spring, y’all!

Spring-in-AtlantaSpring in AtlantaB Spring in AtlantaC Spring in AtlantaD Spring in AtlantaEMidtown AtlantaF Midtown AtlantaA Midtown AtlantaB Midtown AtlantaC Midtown AtlantaD Midtown AtlantaE