Life from Light – Spread the Word and a Spice Cake

As I was announcing a month ago details about my graduate thesis project, I want to expose you today to the challenges of organizing a solo exhibition, here in the United States. Have a seat comfortably, sip this delicious chai tea and indulge yourself with the spice cake below, and read along.

Life from Light, my graduate thesis project was created over the course of the past six months when I started to photographically explore expressions of primitive sense in natural wildlife. This creative process has been very self-rewarding and motivating in creating a more abstract form of photography and film. Creating this contemporary perception on these life forms was a challenge to overcome, alongside with putting together the graduation solo exhibition.

After successfully passing my candidacy review for thesis, I was favorably approved to exhibit my work in Trois Gallery, this exquisite modern gallery that SCAD owns in their midtown Atlanta main building. I was beyond happiness to be able to show this grandiose project in this amazing space! I cannot tell you how expensive is to rent a gallery space here, in Atlanta, and how much financial hardship one encounters when the artwork needs to be produced and framed. It is very expensive to professionally produce and frame artwork at museum standards and make sure it lasts (almost) forever. Some of you might remember this huge piece of 36×24″ I sold last year, which can give you all some ideas about the size of my thesis project as well.

Open Studio


Redemption FolkoreThe thesis project has several components, and Trois Gallery was the perfect space to showcase the different relationships between each component. Life from Life comprises very large photographic prints (36×24″) on cotton paper that will be framed traditionally, photographic prints on wood (9×6″), an avant-garde film projection that speaks further about biological evolution, our place in time, and desire to counterpoint time.

Because of the complexity of this project, today I need your help in making this incredible photographic exhibition possible. The risks and challenges are very high and this fundraising campaign that I created will give me the possibility of securing the needed funds for printing and framing this work. Today, my objective is to raise contributions from supporting individuals, companies, and foundations that will help in making this exhibition possible. I need your full support in securing the needed funds for framing and printing this work.

No matter how big or small your contribution is to this exhibition, you will be rewarded with a professionally printed photograph from the series. You will also receive a beautiful handmade brooch created by Miss Babacilu, to give to your close ones or keep as a treat for yourself. Miss Babacilu has been extremely kind in offering her full support and creating these delicate handmade jewelry to give away with every donation received. I am beyond gratefulness to her for believing in me and helping me fund this exhibition further.

I hope this project touches you as well, and that you’ll want to participate with me in bringing this exhibition to the world. After pledging your support, please help to spread the word about this project by sharing this link with your contacts. Thank you for your support and enjoy the spice cake!



The brooch photo courtesy of Miss Babacilu | The Trois Gallery photo by SCAD