Life from Light – A Graduate Thesis Exhibition – The Premises

It seems like yesterday when I received SCAD’s acceptance letter to pursue their MFA program in Photography, here in Atlanta. Since then, I learned and experimented with a wide variety of art techniques and theories, and today I am approaching quickly my graduation. The preparation of my thesis, graduation and work have kept me really busy, reason why I haven’t had the time to write more often here. And now, I think is the right time to share with you more about the topic of my thesis, and what I am preparing for graduation.

This blog has been the project that helped me to start with photography and get into SCAD. Naturally, my thesis is about a evolution, a progress from the initial fields of interest I displayed over and over on this blog: food, connection to food, identity, time and place. It has been really important to me to develop my voice and extend exponentially my interest with food into projects that explored different perspectives about this topic. If you have followed my journey, you could identify recurrent themes I am constantly using in my work, always seen from different stances.

The idea of my thesis emerged from all these experiences I had with food, but equally memories about times that have past, and how the future will change everything that was before me, you, and us. Therefore, looking at the origins of our existence become my main point of interest, through which I wanted to examine the shared experienced of living on Earth, the idea that we all have life from light. Everything exists only through light and my interest was to explore photographically the context of food seen as a product of nature that nourishes all life forms on Earth.

With less than 4 months away from graduation, I am preparing my thesis exhibition that will display audacious large photographs that allude to natural and constructed environments that feed our existence; intimate photographs printed directly on wood, objects reflecting our fingerprint on the world around us; and an experimental short film that you get the chance to see here in the format of a short trailer. I am very enthusiastic about releasing soon this project into the world, and I do hope to give an opportunity to all of us to see differently the life around us, and to educate our perception about food photography, food origins and natural history. You can support the becoming of my graduate thesis exhibition by contributing to this fundraising campaign, which will help me frame and print this body of work. Your effort will be rewarded with gorgeous prints of the series’ photographs. Thank you for all of your support along the way!

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