Offset and Getty Images and a Homie Recipe

I am so thrilled to announce that now I am licensing my work through the high standards service operated by Getty Images and Offset. Offset is a carefully curated collection of exceptional imagery from award-winning artists and storytellers around the world, among which the amazing Anna Williams whom I admire deeply, and the fantastic duo Gentl and Hyers. Keren Sachs from Offset contacted me over the winter break offering me a contract and represent my work to their clients around the world. I am so happy to be among such great collection of photography!

Getty Images – the global distributor of award-winning still imagery, video, music and multimedia products – also offered me a contract to license my work after being a finalist in one of their competitions. I was so excited for these great opportunities!

I am extremely happy with these achievements at the beginning of this new year. But I know that haven’t been lately so present here, since my year debuted with lots of new activities, among which my new peer tutor position at SCAD and a teaching internship, plus the ongoing preparation for my thesis. Currently, there are so many things on which I am working, but I will make sure to be back here from time to time to share with you my good mood, achievements, hard work, new projects and lots of inspiration for you to take home. Hold tight, and enjoy these cozy winter days with this homie fried rice with pork, zucchini and pomegranate.

Fried Rice with Pork and Pomegranate Fried Rice with Pork and Pomegranate1