Home is Wherever I am with You

The best New Year’s resolutions are those which are the most personal: to love, to be kind, to be a dreamer and to not break whatever you cherish the most. I stepped in 2015 with a lot of aspirations and dreams to fulfill. These remind me of my journey and embody my spirit to be stronger. I want to see the beautiful and enjoy every step I take no matter how hard it is. We forget so easily that the basics in life are most of the times the only thing we need. And so, I was over the moon to spend the holidays back home with the man I love in a place filled with memories, home.

Home is the expression of our wishes and one of the beautiful things in life. As I move forward I leave behind places I love, and I am looking more and more for settling to live fully; leave behind the worries and bring forward the good obsessions. All, let’s remember how to stay glad and stay in love. My 2015 started in the momentum of home, surrounded by love, good food and wonderful things. Take a peek at how the holidays went for me and enjoy the film, the scones and life, the most!

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