Winter Arts Season – Behind the Scenes

This winter season has revealed itself being as busy as the rest of the year, but I am thrilled to have had so many opportunities to exhibit my work in the past months. My solo exhibition in Romania has been exquisite! The works that I exhibited there focused equally on my earlier work as on my newest work in various mediums. I envisioned this exhibition as a synthesis of my response to the artistic environment to which I was exposed in the United States. Photography, sculpture and film were on view, works through which I sought to celebrate the human condition and encourage modern ideas of beauty, identity and home.

In sorts, a retrospective of the projects I did in the United States, this exhibition explores how we perceive contemporary art through the undeniable influences of traditional forms of art. My goal was to bring closer to the Romanian audience, artworks that challenge their understanding of photography, sculpture and film. Through examining painting, photography helped me document a sense of domesticity that we all are familiar with, to chronicle the unknown through sculpture, and bring in focus again this notion of how we perceive beauty, and not lastly to feel at home in the world.

I am very grateful that the Alexandru Stefulescu Museum hosted this exhibition, and the team there was incredibly helpful to bring everything together. The frames have been shipped from the United States and carefully hanged to receive the visitors. I was very touched by the wonderful speech that the museum curator prepared for my opening reception, and thankful to all the people that join me that evening and bought my work, all this amazing support fills my heart with joy! If you didn’t make it to the exhibition, in my shop here, you can find a very limited number of pieces that are still available for purchase. Don’t forget to scroll all the way down the page to peek at the shots from before, during and after the reception.

During my short visit to Romania, I have also promoted SCAD’s undergraduate programs to the Constantin Brailoiu High School of Music and Arts‘ students from Targu-Jiu, through SCAD Hometown Hero program. Hometown Hero is a program sponsored by SCAD Student Ambassadors and the admission departments, and refers to SCAD students who return to visit their former high schools and colleges during breaks to share with others their experiences at SCAD. I was excited to be able to share with teachers and prospective students in my hometown,what I have accomplished at SCAD, and what they can learn and create also through a matching SCAD’s program. I spoke about all the disciplines and degrees that SCAD offers, its locations and how you can apply and get a scholarship. If you consider enrolling in an art school, don’t think twice, SCAD might be just the perfect thing for you too!

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