Transitions – Peachtree+Pine

I couldn’t find a better moment than this spirit of holidays we all now have in us, to share this amazing project on which I worked during my documentary class this fall at SCAD. Even with all the stress of preparing for my thesis review, I still made sure to have fun and go out of my comfort zone with this class. I wanted to immerse myself more into this type of photography and explore new ways of capturing the world around me. I was really happy when my class got the chance to do a collaborative project for the  Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless. This couldn’t been possible without the support of this shelter, my colleague Ralph Watkins who has made sure to intermediate this project, and my professor Sandra Phipps for giving us this amazing assignment. Peachtree+Pine is a community of homeless, formerly homeless, never-been-homeless men, women and children living and working together to serve one another.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you probably remember my constant visits to the shelter. As we really wanted to capture the essence of the place, we needed to go back several times, therefore this project almost got extended for the whole quarter. Immediately, “Transitions” become our documentary project, a project discussing the human element of those experiencing homelessness in the community and the stories of individuals who serve them.

“Transitions” has been a difficult project, I am not gonna lie. The constant visits meant not only more work, but also a lot of emotional energy we took or left behind. But the purpose of it was above all to help and participate in creating awareness of such places that shelter daily millions of people across the U.S. and the world. We should all be more grateful for whatever we have now; there are people having nothing right now, and any help would make the difference for them.

With this project, my challenges were to bring a more optimistic character to all the imagery and motion I wanted to produce. After visiting the place a couple of times, I realized how my contribution to this collaborative project needs to be. During the visits that we made there, I made sure to capture the energy of the people coming there, working there, of the place itself and its surroundings. My intent was to capture the community, celebrate these people like they are indeed one of us, incite the rest of us to help and preventing homelessness.

Peachtree+Pine has a lovely rooftop garden that’s making you feel like you are on top of the world and from where you can view a lot of skyscrapers. It is an unusual beautiful view! They have also a beautiful huge gallery where we had the chance of exhibiting the results of this project. They are offering 24h, seven days a week services to people who need them, services ranging from shelter to housing outreach, transportation, employment and health care.

With this documentary project, the mission was to re-contextualize our perception of those who have been displaced. And my mission today is to incite you to help and respect the individuals who experiment homelessness. Just forget for a while all of your preoccupations that are nothing compared with what these people need, and watch the main piece I did for this project, the film. In the film you will discover beautiful people needing help and offering help, Peachtree+Pine a place that offers support to people everyday! Scroll down and enjoy each and every image that I took portraying my experience of being there.

PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_21 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_22 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_23 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_24 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_25 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_26 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_27 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_28 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_29 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_30 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_31 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_1 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_2 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_3 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_4 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_5 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_6 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_7 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_8 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_9 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_10 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_11 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_12 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_13 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_14 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_15 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_16 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_17 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_18 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_19 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_20

PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_32 PeachtreePine_GabrielaIancu_33