A Winter View and a Delicious Cronut Recipe

It’s been ten days since I returned to Czech Republic for my winter break. I finished my fall quarter at SCAD with great results and a 4.0 GPA. I feel so happy for passing my review for candidacy to take my thesis in spring. As I was telling you all here, Sculpture has also opened so many new horizons for me, and slowly when I will get more time, I will share the results of my sculpture projects with you too. With all the work that went into this past quarter, I can only feel exhilarated to be home with my better half and my sweet cat, and enjoy the holidays and the winter in family and in the comfort of my home. I needed so much this time away and this break, to get time to rest and come back in January with more energy to continue my journey at SCAD.

And since winter is already here in Czech Republic, I needed to start baking and give a try to this decadent cronut recipe. I was missing my spare time and baking experiments, therefore this cronut recipe was perfect to start off. Since the recipe is so complicated and time consuming, I skipped the steps with adding ganache and opted for a more light version with raspberry glaze and coconut flakes. Either way, I guarantee you that you will love these cronuts and want to make and eat more. I will get back in a few days with a couple of surprises to share with you! Till then sip your coffee or tea and let yourself be indulged by these cronuts!

At Home Cronuts At Home Cronuts1 At Home Cronuts2 At Home Cronuts3 At Home Cronuts4 At Home Cronuts5