Through Time – A Visual Metaphor of Inspiration

“Any experience carried out deeply to its ultimate leads you beyond yourself into a larger relation to the experience of others.” – Anais Nin

Last weekend I created this short creative film, a creation that I intended to be a sensitive and artistic piece of the multiple influences I have in my artistic practice. If you are wondering what where the things that shaped my assertive and sensitive preoccupation towards arts, you will discover it all in this short film.

I have put together old footage from before SCAD, new footage, and any moment that tells the story of my journey, from subtle aspects to more evident events in my life. But despite all the obvious and tangible influences that came at some point in my life, there was above all, an immense stand-alone desire to articulate my inner rhythms to create something. More of a spiritual embrace to create something that comes from inside me.

Today, I feel that I’ve learned so much about myself and still more will come along the way.  I feel that I am walking towards achieving a true meaning of a assumed purpose in life. I feel blessed to be able to extend into the world a small part of my true self. There is a true happiness in me when I create something that has so much to give, that leads to discovery, to a special kind of reward of appreciating above all, the life we live.