Autumn – Living the Questions

Since I started my master at SCAD I’ve not only learned so much about the art world, but also about myself and my artistic practice. And thus here, I acknowledged more and more, those stumbling and intriguing moments in which I was tormenting towards finding the creative bloom. And this process has been so different each time. All those moments of uncertainty lead eventually to the birth of a new creation. By taking a Sculpture class this quarter, many of my theories about the process of creating art have shifted in a more loose territory. And I can only feel liberated about it. I started a new artistic practice, that I discovered to be different from my photographic practice, carrying with it an uncomfortable feeling of not knowing what the artistic resolution will be.

This quarter meant so much for me because of all the ambiguity that governed my new artistic practices. I have strongly shifted my photographic practice into a new circumstance that came with uncertainty, but more freedom for accepting the change. I realized that I do not need definitive perspectives, and that I needed so much to move on and cast my creation on something that pertains more to my inner self, making my work thus to sing more universally. I challenged myself to see differently and push harder for something that will belong and resonate more with my spirit, and to which I wanted to devote all of my imagination.

I feel satisfied for giving myself this freedom of acting more loose, experimenting, letting my voice to emerge stronger from behind of all the social preconceptions, and see what the current moment will bring. I might have taken my chance, or just enjoyed more my own instincts of pushing further what I think it is important in creating art. And so, I took this exciting journey to experiment the nature around me, and feel the subject matter in a new way. A way that resonates quietly and casually with JoAnn Verburg’s work. I am not interested in proving any theory, but rather my interest expands on trying to make sense of what surrounds me and all of us here on this Earth, and relearn how to pay attention to details.

IancuG_Redish IancuG_Earthy