Almost Time to Celebrate and a Powdered Doughnuts Recipe

It is almost the time to celebrate this soon-to-come end of fall quarter at SCAD. In the past weeks, I kept myself very busy with the preparation of my 45h review of candidacy for entering my thesis in Spring next year. I couldn’t feel more happy for passing with excellent feedback this milestone, and having my work so greatly appreciated! It has been an amazing journey so far, with lots and lots of long hours of work, shooting, printing, researching, writing, rehearsing, and trying to accommodate all this in between the projects of my other two classes.

This has been by far one of the most challenging quarters at SCAD, trying to learn more about documentary photography, taking on to the next level my cinematic films, sculpting and preparing for the review. I can not wait to start sharing all the other projects I’ve been working so far. All hard work pays off sooner or later, so I am thrilled for selling my Frugal Feast photograph at Open Studio. More exhibitions where you can purchase my work are coming soon, so keep an eye on this space. I still have a couple more of deadlines to pass and winter break will be officially here, so until then I can only tempt you with some doughnuts to sweeten up your day.

What Liberty Ate Magazine Issue #6 2014Powedered DoughnutsA Powedered DoughnutsB Powedered DoughnutsC