A Thoughful Visual Journey of Atlanta

Even though this Sunday is gloomy and rainy, I am gonna share with you a few shots of sunny Atlanta that I took last week. I captured these beautiful images while roaming through my neighborhood or midtown for an assignment for the Documentary Photography class I am taking at SCAD.

These images reflect my perception of the space, culture and the universality of human identity. They also speak about curiosity and a sense of belonging, of being assimilated by a new culture. Through the framing and subject matter choice, they bring up my self-reflection on this adventurous journey I am taking here in the States. Ultimately, they seem to move me into courage and resolution, so that I can achieve ultimately an inner tranquility while taking this journey.

Atlanta Spirit Atlanta SpiritB Atlanta SpiritC Atlanta SpiritD Atlanta SpiritE Atlanta SpiritF Atlanta SpiritG Atlanta SpiritH Atlanta SpiritI Atlanta SpiritJ

Atlanta SpiritL Atlanta SpiritM Atlanta SpiritN