The Fine Arts and Florilegium – The Excerpts

“Artists have no choice but to express their lives.”Anne Truitt

In my first quarter at SCAD back in 2013, Florilegium has been the space that carried all my states of doubt, critical thinking, excitement and curiosity for exploring more. This first series taught me how to refine my reflective thoughts. You have to imagine what a quarter is looking like at SCAD: one has only 10 weeks to produce artistic projects that reflect a strong craftsmanship, skills with processes and materials, inventiveness, just to name a few. This is a short time to articulate and demonstrate to the professors your artistic work. Besides all these program requirements, the series has been a milestone in my life also because it meant a change in my practice. I needed a bridge between my relation with food and progress, so this was a personal step to take to refine the outcome.

By putting side-by-side self-portraits and still life scenes I believed I was going beyond of what was directly presented. In other words, a refinement of practice was requiring (to some extent) the exploration of my current state, of my life. When your life experience (feelings, perceptions…) become so palpable, then you have to venture in exploring these frontiers. It was not an easy task to take self-portraits nor to leave an area of comfort, but the outcome empowered me with courage and faith for the more difficult projects to come. This new standpoint gave me self-awareness and taught me how to handle better and take advantage of the pressure that was and is inevitable at SCAD. Life is most of the time uncomfortable, and our universal task is to always overcome it.

So, after all this I was very happy when my image You Must Not Fear was awarded at the International Photography Awards competition, earlier this year, Tears of Life earlier this fall at the same competition, and the full series published in South by South East Magazine. Producing more fine art work helped me also get a gallery representation in UK. Therefore, you can buy now my artwork exclusively and in limited closed edition only through Photohub UK, an online gallery exhibiting highly curated work from a small selection of emerging international artists.


Florilegium – You Must Not Fear / Tears of Life, (Diptych), 2013
Florilegium – The Lesson / Have Patience, (Diptych), 2013
Florilegium – Anima / Organica, (Diptych), 2013
Florilegium – Oxymoron / Not Be Ashamed Of, (Diptych), 2013
Florilegium – Acceptance / Ceremony, (Diptych), 2013