Pastry Puffs with Cheese and Bacon

When I wake up this morning I was surprised to read in the news that in Romania and Bulgaria it has started already to snow. Here in Atlanta, the weather is still warm with 24-28°C and clear sky most of the time. It seems a bit early for snow, but while being so involved with my preparation for my candidacy review this quarter, I have neglected looking too much around me.

I spent the past weeks shooting a documentary project at a homeless shelter in Atlanta, working on my second project for the Sculpture class and preparing intensively for the review. I feel a bit burned out but the end of the quarter is approaching fast. Over the winter break I will take the time to rest and prepare a couple of new projects that are waiting for me back in Europe.

The rhythm is crazy and I haven’t got yet the chance to update you on all the projects I completed this year, but I am trying my best to write as often as I can here. And because this Saturday feels a bit lazy and very cozy probably for those of you that have snow right now, I want to tempt you with this uber-simple recipe for pastry puffs with cheese and bacon. It’s not a secret anymore that I am a fanatic of cheese and the combination with bacon is exquisite. You can play with the size and the filling, serve them as appetizers, late snack or breakfast on the go. Enjoy!

Puff Pastry with Cheese and Bacon Puff Pastry with Cheese and BaconB Puff Pastry with Cheese and BaconC