The Danube Water Meadows

Through these narrative images I aimed at reframing the interpretation of Danube, to shape a fairy-tale untouched land impression. These images thrive to put together the past and the future into the present of what is this beautiful river.

I got fascinated by the light of the riverscape. The meadow seemed to be a magical refuge of natural light, a light that was illuminating each leaf, tree and play of water. Then I ventured into a trip on Danube, to explore its beauty and capture this beautiful living still. The landscape is truly astonishing and feels like a nature’s romance, making the experience very charming, and equally a personal reminder of belonging to this land.


DanubeBDanubeA  DanubeC DanubeD DanubeE DanubeF DanubeGDanubeHDanubeI DanubeJ

Story first appeared in What Liberty Ate Magazine Issue #6