Leaves of Grass – The Earth is Heavy and Opaque without Dreams

“The earth is heavy and opaque without dreams.” – Anais Nin

This summer I had the opportunity to bring to light a new dreamy and young project with the help of a wonderful creative team in Romania. Beautiful Irina was delicately embellished with dresses that reminded of the nature’s beauty and of the ancestral origins of the world. Perfectly fitting into the surrounding nature and with a muted make-up done by Camelia that recalled of an Austen romantic time, vibrant locks arranged to match nature’s aesthetics by Larisa, Irina become the promise of a spiritual connection with the ethereal world. The sentiment was of a young, romantic, whimsical and nostalgic dream of the natural beauty of the woods. Layers and folds, textures and patterns were arranged carefully by Iustina juxtaposing the traditional Romanian spirit with the endless beauty of nature. An ethereal and pristine forest found by my better half became thus the place to explore nostalgia and longing.

Flares of sun reminded of a cosmos of search of meaning and transcendence in a Renoiresque celebration with diffuse reflections. Leaves of Grass become thus an exploration of matter and energy and captures the nostalgia and longing for immediate, pleasing and simple nature.

Photography, Film, Editing & Art Direction – Gabriela Iancu / Production Assistant – Bogdan Mihai / Model – Irina Udrescu / Makeup Artist – Camelia Diaconescu / Hair Stylist – Larisa Bodislav / Stylist – Iustina Ciortan / Backstage Assistant – Oana Piscureanu / Rasovita, Gorj, Romania / Vimeo Full HD Film 

 Leaves of Grass_2Leaves of Grass_7Leaves of Grass_8Leaves of Grass_3Leaves of Grass_5Leaves of Grass_12Leaves of Grass_9Leaves of Grass_4Leaves of Grass_11Leaves of Grass_10Leaves of Grass_1     Leaves of Grass_6