A Good-Bye and an Apple Pie

Travel through my latest experimental lens project in this apple pie that announces slowly the beginning of autumn. As we speak, I am preparing for a long trip back to Atlanta, where I will start a very challenging new quarter at SCAD. I say very challenging, because this fall I am preparing my candidacy for the thesis, I’ll create magic through a Sculpture class, and dive into the Documentary photography’ secrets. I do hope to find the time to continue sharing my projects here on the blog, since I have so many left from this summer! In the rainy days that autumn announces, you can browse through What Liberty Ate magazine, latest issue or 2013’s fall issue.

I love how my new lens captured a whimsical feeling of this romantic moment, and the beautiful misty light I had here in Czech Republic made everything even better. I enjoyed a lot my attic studio this summer, working hardly more then ever to capture my vision with the beautiful light that castes the interior. For now, let yourself captured by the rhythm of autumn, the romance of this apple pie to be shared in two, in an early morning or later afternoon, in this timeless setup that announces a new charming season.
Apple Pie Living Still

Apple PieABlond locks Apple PieB Apple PieC