Fall Updates and a Pizza with Broccoli and Chicken Recipe

Even though SCAD fall quarter has only started 3 weeks ago, I feel already overwhelmed with the amount of work to complete each week. As I was sharing with you all here, I am taking three wonderful class studios that require hands-on projects.

For the past two weeks I have continuously worked on an extensive sculpture installation project that will see “the light of day” today at SCAD, and which I will share with you soon. In the meantime, in between a documentary or food related shooting, I am collecting ideas for the winter issue of What Liberty Ate Magazine and sharing with you my favorite recipes from the summer issue. If you have projects or ideas to be featured in the magazine, don’t hesitate to contact me privately. Enjoy the first day of October with a good slice of home-made pizza and appreciate the changing of seasons by looking closely at the nature around you and savoring the beautiful fall that has to come!

Pizza with broccoli and chickenPizza with broccoli and chickenB Pizza with broccoli and chickenC

Recipe first appeared in What Liberty Ate Magazine Issue #6