Elizabeth’s Modern and Serene City Apartment in Atlanta

This week I had the opportunity to document photographically a day in the life of Elizabeth Mosley, a modern, fun and enthusiastic interior architect and design consultant in Atlanta, and her city apartment. Elizabeth’s midtown Atlanta apartment has an open floor plan, a beautiful balcony from where she can enjoy the breath-taking view of Atlanta’ skyscrapers, and big windows for showers of natural light all day long.

Since Elizabeth is an interior architect, she decorated her own apartment in a feminine and personal non-stereotypical way, making use very wisely of the available space and enlarging it with wall mirrors, white and warm color palettes for furniture, accessories and walls. Her apartment it’s a home with plenty of room to grow into and reflects a lot her aesthetic taste. I was so happy meeting and documenting her engagement with the space. I had a blast taking her portraits in this beautiful space that reflects her sense of style and excitement in the design world.

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