This Summer’s Thunderstorms and a Deep Fried Anchovies No-Recipe Recipe

This summer to me was happiness, tension and strength to concentrate completely on my main artistic purpose, but be close to my dearest ones as well. I feel a lot of gratitude for my creative energy, perseverance, spirit to those few ones that always offered their expression of support to me. This summer to me was thunderstorm that brought joy, struggles, and a lot of rain too! You will surely appreciate these breath-taking thunderstorm living stills I made during one storm in Czech Republic.

Czech Republic has a twisted weather and I played this upper hand with creative projects. The light is so beautiful when it rains, the sound of droplets hitting the windows or the thunderstorms are quite calming and inspiring. I needed space and quiet in order to concentrate on my SCAD projects and I ended up appreciating a lot all this rain.

And with this rain background, preparing some mouth-watering tiny anchovies seemed a simple and flavorful idea for appetizers. Deep fried anchovy is a popular dish in Spain, Italy, Balkans, and surely other countries too! It is perfect in summer next to a cold beer, but it is equally good in any season, as long as you can find fresh anchovies. They are best served with a garlic, lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil sauce, and why not a good chipotle salsa. Buy fresh anchovies and don’t bother to gut, the head and tail are edible too. Wash them well and coat in breadcrumbs (if you want a bit of crunch) or flour, fry them in hot oil until crispy and golden brown, and serve hot with the garlic, lemon and olive oil sauce, salsa, fries, chips and whatnot. Enjoy!


Deep Fried AnchoviesADeep Fried AnchoviesB