What Liberty Ate Magazine Issue #6 and Strawberry Jam

Hello sunshines,

The summer is almost over and I will be preparing soon packing to get back to Atlanta. This summer has been crazy for me with not so much rest as I was hoping for but rather plenty of creative projects. The first project on the list is of course the newest issue of What Liberty Ate magazine. In its pages you can find a lot of creative and inspiring works from talented artists around the world. In this volume I had the pleasure to represent photographically the gorgeous jewelry of Miss Babacilu, to be delighted by the intriguing photographic story of April Bell, a bursting with talent Atlanta photographer, to get back to childhood with the catching food illustration of painter Oana Piscureanu, and to crave for mexican food due to Ana Maria‘s to die for tacos. Besides all this, there are a lot of seasonal recipes to try at home, and good art readings for the rainy days that will come. In case you missed the launch out, the trailer and the magazine, you can check here the full volume.

One of the recipes I presented in the magazine, is also this flavorful strawberry jam that you should prepare for your breakfast. I said it many times, I am a breakfast person and I do really enjoy preparing my own jams. This spread is so easy to make and is perfect for a quick breakfast or snack. Spread some good butter on a toast slice of country-style bread and then top with this jam. You will want to eat this every morning! And because there is always some more beauty to bring forward, I prepared also this breath taking living still that highlights the calm, smells and whimsicality of a summer day.


Strawberry Jam Living Still



Recipe first appeared in What Liberty Ate Magazine Issue #6