Digital and Visual Communication and SinnDe’s Wonderland

Today I want to share with you some type of projects on which I find time to work a few times per year. Most of my digital and visual communication projects are long term and involve a lot of trust and specialized attention to meet the needs of the client. SinnDe is an interior design and decoration studio run by Ana Stear in Romania and Italy. For Ana, I developed this peony logo, a portoflio page and redesigned her creative outlet – SinnDe’s Wonderland, the blog where she plays with design.

You are at the beginning of a fascinating journey in the world of interior design and well-being. Like Alice in Wonderland, you’ll grow bigger and taller as you visit. We’ll hand you the key to your own Wonderland. Mind it, it’s a place about “why?” and not about “how?”

With the beautiful illustrations created by Madalina Andronic, I implemented for SinnDe’s Wonderland a highly engaging responsive design, with an efficient user interface through a consistent layout and a clear hierarchy that allows focus on the content. Ana’s Wonderland abounded in diverse type of information and my challenge was to reduce this apparent complexity of visuals, reinstate the interaction with the content, and create simple visual cues that empower the user. Now, all that’s left is to immerse yourself into this creative and stylish space!
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SinnDe's Wonderland Blog Layout

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