Gluten Free Red Berries Galette to Celebrate 4 Years of Blogging

Four years ago I would not have known where this blog would take me. This place has helped me, when I needed to be present with myself. In each encounter with life we surpass different challenges. I felt restless and thus changed my life by leaving a comfort life for an artistic dream in the U.S. This master in the U.S. has taught me how to be more thoughtful in creating artistic work, but also has pushed for more restlessness.

Being honest is one of the most important qualities when choosing to be an artist, but emotional excess can be overwhelming sometimes. In embracing my vulnerability and being in this restlessness mode, in the past year I almost skipped the real part of being present with myself. This might sound confusing, but being an artist requires another side from you as a person to function. Then, the mundane side is left behind. I was praising so much my inner artistic call, that I was not finding anymore time to be present with myself. I was taken up by self-assertiveness, but by returning to the world of feelings that this blog has been for me, helped me in overcoming this incompleteness.

Through this blog, I was trying to develop a language with which to talk about the way I see life through the viewfinder. Being able to create today my own photographic storytelling means that I’ve learnt how to imagine creatively life. This blog has helped me to learn things about myself, keep me being present with myself and enriched my life with a world of emotions I never knew about. Those emotions pushed me to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Photography and create better artistic stories. This courage has motivated me to use all the encountered means to express photographically life and what I love. This blog took from me a lot of energy, heart and skill to exist. This blog helped me stay awake and keep myself in a creative storm. This month, I want to celebrate this journey of all things going on towards the completion of my dream, through this place that this amazing blog is. A blog in which I sought and seek to create art that is meaningful.

Red Berries Galette Living Still

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