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A few days ago I got back home from Atlanta and I am so happy to spend my summer with my fiancé and my cat, here in Czech Republic. This year has been running on such a full speed for me, there have been so many projects on which I was working at SCAD, and all this makes me appreciate even more my experience but also this summer break.

I have quite a lot of new work that I want to share with you all, but each thing at its time. For now, I have my latest contribution to the newest issue of Chickpea Magazine that has been just released. Chickpea Magazine is a vegan online and print quarterly publication in New York, that features whole foods recipes and stories. I am so happy to work with magazines that understand real food and the importance of good imagery to represent food! This issue of Chickpea Magazine is packed with fresh and all-through vegan recipes ready to be tried in your kitchens.

Summer is not the same for me if I am not making my own jam, and raspberries are first on my list. There is something special about the smell of making jam, that fruity scent that announces a flavorful spread. This spread has the right fusion with a taste of vanilla. Just give it a try, it’s quick to make and perfect for breakfast! Don’t forget that you can also pre-order the magazine in digital format or in print here. Enjoy discovering the wonders hidden in its pages!

Chickpea Magazine Summer 2014 Chickpea Magazine Gabriela Iancu 1 Chickpea Magazine Gabriela Iancu 2 Raspberry Jam_GabrielaIancu



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  • Ana Maria Ciolacu - Just Love Cookin' says:

    Welcome back, my dear !!
    I saw the new issue’s preview last night, i could’n wait until today. :)))
    And i love it !! As i love your photos too. <3 I had a surprise too. One of the contributors is Emily von Euw. <3 I follow her blog for a while now, actually the raw vegan cake i've made to celebrate 10K likes on Facebook yesterday, was a recipe from her blog. 🙂
    Again, congratulations for all your accomplishments. Keep up the good work and enjoy your vacation !

    • Gabriela says:

      Thank you, I am happy for this collaboration and that many people will have the chance to see and try this recipe. And what a coincidence! I am sure your cake was so delicious that Marco will ask you to make it again!

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