Believes and Sunday Cornmeal Pancakes

“It is not necessary to accept the choices handed down to you by life as you know it.”  – Hunter S. Thompson

Nine months ago I was brave enough to change my life and start a new adventure on a far away land – the U.S. And I have been more than ever restless since then. My first academic year at SCAD has just ended, a year in which I choose to devote myself 1000% to photography. I started to create the world I wanted and this has been immensely satisfying. SCAD is by no means an easy school. It has by far the most challenging system, that pushes you to be in direct contact with your practice. It reminds you with each step taken why you are here and how to work towards your dream. But, creativity and dedication can not be taught. You should keep your mind open at all times and go beyond any limits, work and work and work, because just work makes it happen, and anything that’s really meaningful takes a long time. I came here driven by grit and I built diligently my growth upon any setback encountered. You can not dream small and dedicate yourself only 50% to something you want to be successful at. The less you’ll do, the less you’ll achieve. Opportunities appear only when you imagine and work to grow and extend your existing skills. In this desire of exploring my beliefs, I was fortunate enough this spring to be able to meet through SCAD, Condé Nast, Time Inc. and Scripps Networks; and only the time and keeping developing my capacities will help me to achieve the things I value. And now enjoy your Sunday with these delicious pancakes!

Cornmeal PancakesA Cornmeal PancakesB Cornmeal PancakesC