Behind the Scenes with Claire Rosen and Some News

I wanted for a few weeks already to tell you more about the awesome shooting we had in Atlanta with the superwoman Claire Rosen. I met her last year at SCAD in her Creativity Mentorship Program I was participating. We bounded immediately and spoke about all things photography under the sun. But before saying more about this, let me properly introduce her. Claire is the super inspirational, creative and award-winning photographer behind the fairy-tale series she creates on her website. From whimsical or nostalgic dreams to dark Victorian inspiration, her intricate compositions transport you in the land of beauty. Her style is unique and holds a distinctive storytelling element that is cohesive across her fine art, advertising or fashion work. You must definitively want to head over to her portfolio, where you can discover her wild imagination and exquisite taste. She has been traveling the world shooting creative projects and teaching.

So, when we first met I was very enthusiastic to find out more about her portfolio development approach, what are her thoughts on my work and what good tips she has for emerging photographers. On her second visit to Atlanta, I was assisting on her demo shooting at SCAD, and that day was totally a blast! I learned so much from Claire’s professional skills and from her as a person, and I would be happy to have this experience again. Below are a few shots I took from Claire’ shooting we had at SCAD, where we had two beautiful models, plenty of wardrobe to change, an exquisite location and enough people to make sure everything is rolling. Make sure to follow Claire’s amazing work!

And now, since it’s summer, I won’t rest as much as I though because this break I am only studying at SCAD online and I am preparing more photographic work. This is happening because I was fortunate enough to just be awarded with a Student Success Grant from SCAD and have full tuition covered! Whooo-hooo! I am beyond happiness, and there is no one to thank more than my amazing professors, who have showed me continuously their support. Starting September I will be coming back to Atlanta to continue with my second year of master and look for new challenging projects. In a few days I will share more news and new work! Enjoy your summer!

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