Introducing the Living Stills

Since I am at SCAD I have been experimenting with a wide range of techniques, while keeping my consistent photographic signature. For me is really important to be receptive at the most diverse techniques, because they can bring you not only inspiration for future projects, but also better approaches to showcase the medium. So far I experimented with mixed media, producing absolutely lovely handmade works that involve more than you think photography (soon I will be sharing a preview of that project), lighting, video and photography. There is something mesmerizing about seeing in the same frame a living moment and a still that encapsulates all the magic of photography. Therefore, this is one of my latest projects in which I am fully exploring the relationship between motion – the living moment that keeps life moving, and the captured frozen blink of a moment that represents eternity. Please enjoy my living stills and expect more to come very soon. More beautiful captures of the South with their specific charm!

Blue-Heart  Southern-AfternoonWedding  SounternAfternoonASounternAfternoonC  Afternoon tea Atlanta1 SounternAfternoonB