Happy Easter from Atlanta and a Delicious Brioche

Lately, I’ve been restless. Little have been the moments when I could take the time and meditate over what the past months of my life have been. Life never seems stable. It demands always more and more work and it unfolds always plenty of surprises. I am here where I’d hoped life would take me, and it has been a very challenging journey. Somehow one way. Sometimes too loud, too fast, too scary. Atlanta. The Savannah College of Art and Design. Art.

Following your dream is somehow like the moment when you hear again that music which reminds you about a moment of your life. I know. It is strange how music defines our memories, aspirations and love. And it is comforting and nostalgic to hear a familiar music that marked a big leap in your life. It’s like bringing back those memories as they have never died. Music makes you feel the emotion, urge, courage and determination you need in order to keep walking on the journey you took. Listening to an old song that brings back the essence of what you’ve been or dreamed to be, makes you realize how much you’ve grown, how fast the time has past. You actually have gotten older, survived the most embarrassing moments of your life, succeeded in the things you never though would become true. Music, even if is not as factual as a photograph, holds sometimes more memories than an image. It speaks to you in a way that seems like no other. Be always true to yourself as the music is always rummaging our memories and soul for the comfort of a moment that has passed. Happy Easter!

Brioche BriocheBBriocheD BriocheC