Wondrous Peonies – Studium

I am happy to introduce to you one of my latest projects I did this quarter at SCAD. Since I started with this blog I made use of flowers’ beauty in order to convey intimate stories of the world around me. Today, I am sharing with you, Studium series, a quiet observation on the fragile nature of flowers. I am always playing with the natural light’s quality – brightness, shadow, highlight – to capture the most candid expression of a state of mind or moment. This series documents the alluring essence of peonies, from florescence to disintegration, at different hours in a week.

The series uses the versatile aesthetic of blooms to produce a candid insight into the large variety of peonies we find today, while portraying just two types. As the time passed and the disintegration process begins, the blooms start to change appearance transforming into a different variety of flower. The series suggests through the short life span of the flowers, from colorful to wilted petals, that these peonies appear as one or more species.
Studium_GabrielaIancu Studium_GabrielaIancu2 Studium_GabrielaIancu3 Studium_GabrielaIancu4 Studium_GabrielaIancu5 Studium_GabrielaIancu6 Studium_GabrielaIancu7 Studium_GabrielaIancu8