Self-Evaluation and Atlantic Oysters with Ginger Champagne Sauce

I am one day close to the finish up line of the winter quarter at SCAD. I am feeling so satisfied with the incredible amount of things I learned so far. I grew up artistically more than I could have ever imagined. I started thinking about art in a completely new way, and my interests broaden up so much. Each professor and each class I took completely change the way I will see from now on art.

As I delved more and more into the realm of photography, I couldn’t be more and more fascinated by the evolution of photography and the artists I discovered, and I will make sure to speak more about this here, later on. I simply never imaged that I could experience so much diversity, knowledge, points of views and be able to refine my skills at such extent. I am and I will be forever grateful to the people that fully believe in me all the way and that showed me their truly support.

My professors here have been a extreme inspiration for me, and as I am moving towards my second year of master I am appreciating more and more their insight and valuable critique. I couldn’t have gone beyond my limits without their push. I will always appreciate the amazing experiences I had at SCAD, experiences that changed for me completely the face of art. The feedback I received from my talented peers helped me consolidate my artistic point of view. Being in a community that understands art really helps refining your work. But, true passion, love for your practice and a lot, lot, lot of work, will be the only true things to hold on to when working on a such high standards. I am happy to have found the strength to push my limits and keep being true to myself and create the art I envisioned.

And while working on assignment for one of my self-directed projects at SCAD, I explored more the concept of home and the way how to capture that photographically. And these oysters are all about home. A temporary home in a new country that smells, feels and exists differently from everything I knew back home (whether if back home means Romania or Czech Republic). A home, as a place where I can exist in the comfort of a space that resemble everything I had before, and more than this, a place where I can experience the extremes of my photographic ideas. So even if now this blog has turned more into a fine art collection of thoughts and imagery (for which I am happy it did, is a normal and expected growth), I will always explore food no matter the perception, and I will always be back here with some insight on my thoughts and practice.

Atlantic OystersA

Atlantic OystersB Atlantic OystersC