2013’s Twelve Months of Purpose and Meaning

Last night when the clock finally showed the first day of 2014, I couldn’t believe that 2013 is over. And I have a couple of reasons for that: first, 2013 meant so many changes for me, on all plans – it was like a big roller-coaster riding day and night; second, everything you do in life, no matter of what nature comes back to your little soul – 2013 has been very emotional for me and moving towards 2014 felt more like a break. A break from something very intense and challenging, and a start for other more ambitious targets.

Leaving 2013 behind felt good for the achievements I made, but equally good for the failures I had. Making mistakes is not difficult and sometimes you end up disappointed and you feel failing because you are trying too much. But what’s the meaning of success without understanding failures? So, what I eventually learned from 2013 of doing and not doing in future is that not everyone deserves my trust. The upstart kind of people, thirsty to have rapid gains with dastardly means deserve nothing. Fighting for your dreams honestly and getting through your limits working hard should keep you humble and human.

In short, 2013 was successful because of the great work I managed to do while at IBM, for breaking through my artistic limits (and still going) by doing self-studying, for being awarded at IPA, for getting into SCAD and well deserving their scholarship, for finishing well first SCAD quarter, for the two exhibitions I had in USA, for the lovely readers I have on WLA, for being strong to work hard on another amazing issue of What Liberty Ate Magazine, for the great features in Decat o Revista and Omnivor, for meeting lovely people at SCAD and in Atlanta, and for being so strong to work so-so-so hard. For me, there isn’t other bigger reward than to have the strength to go beyond myself!

To balance all this, failing isn’t nice, but sometimes necessary. Maybe you don’t feel it as a failure, but you know that’s there due to its bitterness. I feel ashamed for showing too much absolutely undeserved trust towards a certain person and for gossiping too much. When someone takes advantage of you, most certainly is your fault for being too naive, and in 2014 this can cost a lot!

For 2014 I wish to keep having the strength to work hard, to remain humble and take to the next level my artistic work, to filter more the people that enter my life and remember that not everyone deserves my help and trust, to love everything I do and the amazing people I have in my life, and never give up on my dreams! To you all, remember to stay human and humble and show your love to the dearest people in your lives, fight for your dreams and never take advantage of others. Let’s have a peaceful and joyful 2014!

Happy New Year

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